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How To Care For Linen – 6 Easy Tips

Did you know that the wrong care for linen can lead to an irreparable damage of the fibres? – Small knots and bobbles will appear on the surface. In order to avoid this, follow tip number two. Extend the lifespan of your linen product by following the other five tips.



Before we start


Always read the care instructions on your product, follow their advice and the stated temperatures.



1| The right washing temperature 


Choose the temperature according to the color of your fabric. Appliqués or prints on the surface also play an important role. Dyed linen should not be washed hotter than 40 °C (104 °F ). Natural colored linen tolerates temperatures up to 95 °C (203 °F). Normally a temperature up to 60 °C (140 °F) is enough. 



2| Just half fill the washing machine


Linen can absorb a lot of liquid, that’s why it wants to „swim“ during the washing. Just half fill the washing machine for the best results. Let bigger pieces soak in water and put them wet into your machine.



3| The right washing detergent


Use liquid (organic) washing detergent without optical brighteners or bleachers to preserve the colors. Bleachers can make the fabric go yellow.





4| Forgo spinning your laundry


Linen wrinkles easily. Forgo the spin-drying program and carefully wring it out manually. You can use your spin-drying program with a low number of revolutions, if you are in a hurry.



5| How to dry linen


Dry it without your tumble dryer, not only for the sake of the environment. You can dry linen while hanging it on your clothesline, wrapping it in a terry cloth or laying it horizontally. 



6| Save time while ironing


Iron linen with a high temperature, when it’s still wet and from the left side of the fabric to prevent ironing sheen. If you like the natural wrinkle of linen, forgo ironing completely. 



Extend the lifespan of your product


Follow the care instructions and our six tips to extend the lifespan of your linen product and enjoy the characteristics of this natural and eco-friendly fibre.  



Looking for linen Products?


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